Mayer's White Cemetery

Sharon and I had to wait at the cemetery in Mayer for the cemetery crawl contestants to show up.  It snowed most of the time while we were there and the wind was chilly.  This is the first time taking photos of a cemetery with snow on the ground.  It was breathtaking.

Also, don't forget my RedRock Giveaway.


  1. Very interesting trip and images. We like to visit Civil War cemeteries and read about the people buried there. Fascinating history.

  2. That place was so cool! One of my favorites of the old west feeling cemeteries. I just loved the headless statues and dead plants.

  3. cool photos! love the snow on the cactus!

  4. The cemetery was beautiful in the snow but I still want to see it without the snow dusted all over the grounds.


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