Wild West Antiques: Western Steampunk

Love the antique stores and try not to miss any while visiting the small towns of Arizona.


  1. Wow, what fun stuff! :) Each store is also a museum.

  2. My aunt used to take me to places like this all the time when I was a kid.

  3. I really wanted to buy everything!

  4. I can see why you love this antique store! Awesome.

  5. Lois; it is like walking through a wild west museum.

    LoneIslander; I remember when we were little and took trips around the state with my parents, they would always stop at the fun antique stores.

    Sis; me too!!! I did find a couple of cool things to put in future projects.

    Jessica; we will typically hit as many as we can while on our road trips. This one had a big chicken in front and Sharon wanted to take a picture of it. I am glad she did because I loved all the stuff they had there.

  6. It's cool how a person can see an old wagon wheel and think "bench!" I'd think "fire!"

  7. Allen; there are many people out there that have great imaginations and vision to see things for what they can be instead of what they are. I wanted to take that bench home.


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