Zombie Housewives Meet New Friends

Next to the Ghostbuster's classic ride.

Leave it up to Stella and Liz to meet creatures, scifi characters, and other creepy individuals when attending a convention.  Of course it was a science fiction convention, Comic Con in Phoenix to be exact.  Sharon and I enjoyed rubbing elbows with all the other horror lovin' people.

In zombie jail.

Sharon and the zombie defense boys.

I'm looking a bit scared!

The Ghostbuster and me.

My little buddy, R2D2.

The GHI boys, Paul and Scott.

My Star Wars friends.


  1. That is so cool! Was R2D2 just a prop, or was there a little person inside dying of heat exhaustion?

    1. They had him moving on remote-control. No tiny person had to hide inside.

  2. Replies
    1. There were lots of interesting characters there.

  3. that looks like one great time, conventions are so much fun.


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