Naked Chocolates

It is always great to find places around my town that makes tasty treats.  We found this little gem at a farmer's market near Sharon's house.  The name of the company is "Naked Chocolates".  All their products are made from raw and pure ingredients with no preservatives.  They have no refined products, no dairy, vegan, gluten free, and low glycemic.  They are best when kept frozen until you are ready to eat them.  Thaw them out at room temperature for about 15 minutes and then enjoy.

To find out more about Sue's b Naked Chocolates and see the variety of chocolate treats she has available, check out her website at  She also has other fun items for you to purchase.

by Sharon Day


  1. Oh, boy! It's not even 9 AM and I'm craving chocolate now! You chocolate vixen, Julie! Haha.


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