The Old Spaghetti Factory

While Sharon and I were at Chandler Fashion Center, we had to walk past the Old Spaghetti Factory on our way to get lunch.  I noticed how cool the rustic looking building looked against the dark skies and had to take pictures.  The sky doesn't look very dark, but I assure you, it was.

The Old Spaghetti Factory started in Oregon on January 10, 1969 by Guss and Sally Dussin.  They built their restaurant not only with great food, but with "honesty, dignity, respect, hard work, and guest satisfaction" as noted on their website:  The dining experience has as much to do with made-from-scratch foods with fresh ingredients, but also the amazing decor.  From antiques to interesting glass displays, the Old Spaghetti Factory is a warm and inviting place with that down-home feel.


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