The Rebirth of Big Red

On 11-3-1977, my husband's parents bought a 1977 Dodge Royal Monaco. His mother gave her the name, "Big Red", but barely drove her around. We bought her on 9-12-1991 with the odometer reading 28,000. We drove her for awhile, and then she sat for years. On 10-28-2013, my husband finally got her running. With the odometer now reading 52,000, he put on the original license plates on, and finally drove her home. Just recently, August 2014, he got the interior redone along with the vinyl top and tinted the windows. Next, is a complete paint job and she will be ready for more car shows. Refurbishing Big Red was a labor of love for him and the memory of his mother.


  1. That. Is. So. Cool.

    I LOVE classic cars, and this one just looks amazing.

  2. Reminda me of the one my uncle drove years back.


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