Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Old Dominion Historic Mine Park

The Old Dominion Mine is located in Globe, Arizona and opened in 1881.  The mine was rich in copper but minor amounts of gold and silver were found there as well.   The mine did have it share of problems with water in the 14 levels, and in 1917 when there was a statewide miners’ strike.  Many of the Old Dominion Mine workers were Mexican who also participated in the strike.  In order to get them back to work, the mine had them kept in camps along the Mexican border.  These camps were kept in extreme conditions, forcing the workers back to the mines in order to be freed.  The strike did turn out to be triumphant.  The miners were offered better pay and nicer living conditions.  In 1931 the mine closed for good.  

Today the mine has been refurbished and turned into a walking tour.  Walking up the dirt paths to the mine are scatterings of mine equipment and tools used when the mine was active.  There are signs explaining each item along with a history of the place.  It is something to check out when you visit Globe, AZ.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Photography of the Noftsger Hill Inn

These pictures are of the inside and outside of the Noftsger Hill Inn in Globe, AZ.  It is a wonderful place to stay if you are ever in town.  The address and phone:  325 North St., Globe, AZ 85501, (928) 425-2260.









Friday, April 25, 2014

Noftsger Ghost Investigation

My group, Arizona Paranormal Investigators (API), did their first investigation as a group at the Noftsger Hill Inn in Globe, AZ.  The building was constructed in 1907 and first served as an elementary school.  It stands at the top of a hill overlooking historic downtown Globe.  Reports of books moving and phantom lights shining through the windows have been circulating around the school even when children were still roaming its halls.  After it closed in 1981, those children's voices can still be heard by witnesses when no children were inside the building.  Others have reported seeing apparitions of children and adults along with hearing a telephone ringing inside the building.

Today, Noftsger is a B&B and still being renovated by its owners.  There are at least six rooms you can book with more to be available later.  Along with a nights stay, you are treated to an amazing breakfast each morning.  Our group booked the entire inn for our investigation.  The owners marked the rooms we were not allowed inside and left doors opened to the other rooms we could use for our investigation.

We set up cameras and recorders in two of the bottom floor rooms (2&3), and in the main lobby.  On the second floor, we covered the atrium, and three more rooms.  Our thought was to try various experiments throughout the night while someone monitored the cameras.  We investigated for over six hours with some of the investigators having various experiences.  We left the cameras on all night while we slept to see if we had any activity during the down time.

Currently, we are still going over the evidence and will have the results on our new website.  (The web address will be posted as soon as the site is up.)  Each had a camera to review and mine was camera #6, inside room 3.  I had a view of Dale the Doll and he never moved an inch.  I was hoping for some movement by him.  I saw lots of orbs, but was able to debunk them as dust and bugs.  I am hoping that with the voices and apparitions witnessed by some of the investigators during the investigation, shows up in our evidence.  Stay tuned...

Dale the doll sat vigil in room 3 all night and never moved.

This chalk board in room 3 is where we have had paranormal experiences.
We set the chalk in this pattern and in the morning, it was exactly the same.

The monitor for all 8 eight cameras on the bottom floor was set up between rooms 3 and 2 in the main lobby.

Setting up microphones and recorders in room 3.

Taping down cords as a safety precaution.

We had a camera pointing towards the bathroom and crib in room 2.
There are reports the crib will rock on its own and voices can be heard coming from the bathroom.

The front door is where many have seen shadow figures walk by.

The gang outside waiting to start the investigation.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Abandoned Miami

The small mining town of Miami, Arizona, is an urban explorers dream place.  There are many amazing places to photograph all around town.  Here is a little tour for your enjoyment: