The Bee Apartments: Spring 2014

When Sharon and I went to Globe for a ghost investigation at the Noftsger Hill Inn (look for that on a later post), we made sure to stop in Miami to grab lunch and check in on the "Bee Apartments".  We came across this place in 2010 while looking for places to put in our first abandoned places book, Abandoned Places: Abandoned Memories (Desert Edition).  The place is incredible from the outside and gave us many amazing photo opts.  As we walked up the cement stairs to where the rooms are located, you can hear the sound of buzzing bees.  Under the wood overhang is a huge beehive.  We figured with the boards rotting over the years, the beehive would have fallen through by now.  We were wrong.  So like all the other times we visited the place, we took pictures from the safety of the top step.  This is what it looked like on this visit.

Home of the bees!


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