Mexican Piloncillo

This was given to me by Mary at the Poston House Inn in Tubac, AZ.

What is Mexican Piloncillo?  Basically it is raw, unrefined, non-processed sugar that is pressed into a cone shape.  The name Piloncillo means "little pylon" because of its shape.  It has a brown sugar with molasses flavor to it, but does not contain any molasses.  You can find them in 2 ounce or 8 ounce cones and use it in any recipe that calls for brown sugar.  You can buy each cone in either light or dark.  There are many types of Mexican recipes where Piloncillo is used. You can find them online.

I love the way Mary displayed her collection of Piloncillo.  At first I thought they were candles and was wondering why they didn't have wicks.  She told me that they were raw sugar cones.


  1. That's really something! I wouldn't have had any idea what this was if you didn't tell me. What are you planning to do with this Piloncillo?

    1. I don't know what I am going to do with it. For now, it is decoration.

  2. Know any websites where you could order it online?

    1. I have seen them for sell on Other places are and ebay. You can do a google search to find more.


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