Burning Down the House

It was five years ago that Sharon and I came across this burnt house just by chance.  We were looking for an old cemetery in Mobile, AZ, and this place caught our eyes.  In the past five years, it basically looks the same but a bit more disheveled.  The barn in the back used to have walls five years ago, but most of them have fallen down.  When Sharon took a reading on the barn for our Abandoned Places: Abandoned Memories (Desert Edition) book, she picked up that a goat farmer used to live there.  While photographing these structures last month, a young man stopped by and wanted to know if we were the realtors or owners of the property.  We told him we were just urban explorers photographing what was left of the place.  He then said that his father once lived there and he had goats.  She was so happy to be validated for her reading.  Maybe we will drive by there in a couple years to see if someone finally tore down the house and rebuilt on the land.


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