Grand Canyon Transept Trail

The Transept Trail is only one of many trails found inside and around the Grand Canyon.  It is situated on the North Rim flanked by the North Rim Campground and Grand Canyon Lodge.  The trek is 3 miles round-trip and takes about 1.5 hours to walk the entire perimeter.  The scenery on this path is breathless with many ancient ruins seen throughout the trail.

All the trails at the Grand Canyon offer a gorgeous view of the canyon, but the Transept Trail also comes with a ghost.  They call her the “Wailing Woman” because as she wanders along the pathway and has been seen crying.  Witnesses have said she is clothed in a white dress with blue flowers and she appears to be levitating above the ground.  The story is told that her family had fallen victim to the sheer cliffs along the trail resulting with a deadly ending.  To this day, she still appears to be looking for them and grieving her loss.


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