The Ghost Investigation: Stanton

On Thursday, March 24th, Sharon and I headed northwest from Phoenix to conduct a ghost investigation in Stanton, AZ.  We were to meet our other team member and James around 6:00 pm at Stanton.  We left my house around 10:00 am so we could take our time getting there and have some fun checking out Wickenburg.  Wickenburg was more than half-way to Stanton, which was at least a 2 hour drive from my house.

While in Wickenburg, we visited historic sites, had lunch, took lots of photos, and even had dinner there as well.  The foliage was in full bloom and gorgeous.  Spring in this town was colorful and picturesque. We took off from Wickenburg around 5:00 pm towards our final destination, Stanton.

We found the dirt road leading to the town just north of Congress.  It was a six mile slow drive to get there.  Our team member caught up with us on the dirt road and followed us to the location.  Well, he probably should not have.  We missed the turnoff twice, which is normal for Sharon and I.  We did however manage to piss off a calf because we stopped in the road to call James and see which way to the turnoff.  We were stopped in the calf's walking path.

We met up with James and he had us park our cars closer inside the town.  Stanton has a few old historic buildings throughout town and a RV park where winter visitors stay.  (I will post pictures of the town in my next two posts.)  James had us meetup with the locals to talk about our investigations.  Since Sharon wrote a wonderful and detailed post about the investigation, I will link her post in case you haven't read it:

Also, I wrote about our sleeping experience on my design post:


  1. I cannot wait to get back there. That place was amazing.


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