Paul T. Morris

This picture is from his Facebook page.
For the past 40 years or so, Paul has spanned the globe and entertaining many with his original songs and others he has written.  He has performed with Willie Nelson, at the Phoenix Symphony Hall, and was showcased his music talents on Carnival Cruise Lines for numerous years.  These cruises were usually centered out of New York City and Miami.  New Times magazine dubbed him Arizona's Best Songwriter.  A countless number of his songs were heard on the radio as well as his Vietnam Veteran tribute song "Forgotten Man".

I got to hear him a the High Desert Heritage Museum 2nd anniversary open house.  He has an amazing voice, and has a wonderful personality.  Check him out and listen to his music.  You won't be disappointed.

Facebook page:
To hear his originals spanning the past 40 years, check out this website:


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