Making a Haunted 3D Picture

This was my first time making anything like this.  I got the idea from Pinterest and loved it.  While at Sharon's house, we decided to give it a try and this is how we did it.

Our materials we used: 2 Styrofoam heads, 2 wood frames, glue, cheesecloth, crackle paint, black, white and brown paint.

We used this as our base paint.

Finished base coat.

We cut the back of the heads so the frames can hang flat.

We next added the crackle paint over the brown.

After the crackle paint has completely dried, we painted a coat of white over it.

The white really shows the crackle.

Next, we used a cloth to rub on the black paint to bring out the crackles more and give it an aged look.

Final result.

Next, the cheesecloth, face and glue.

We used two parts glue to one part water.  We soaked the cheesecloth in the glue mixture and laid it over the face.  We then used our fingers to form the cheesecloth to the face and let it dry.

I choose Frankenstein and Sharon picked Dracula.

The final results.  The next time I will shave off the sharp edge of the neck, but very happy with the results.


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