Photography: Sahuaro Ranch Park

On Wednesday, after dropping my Mom off at the senior center, I decided to revisit Sahuaro Ranch Park. This park is near the center, historic, and a great place to take photos. Since I have been there a few times, I decided to look at the place a little different. I took photos of the building and objects surrounding the land in a whole different way. I was also pleased to find out that the park was host to the Glendale Arts Council Juried Fine Arts Competition. I found out that they have this exhibit every year and anyone can enter their paintings (watercolors, oils, acrylics, and mix media). I added my name to the list and hopefully next year I can enter one of my watercolors.
Check it out: Glendale Fine Arts Exhibit


  1. I love that place. It has an odd haunted feel to it. I wonder if we could do an investigation there? The peacock sounds are my favorite. I love peacock calls. Gorgeous photos - you really captured the feel of it.


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