In the Buff at the Ranch

When Sharon and I decided to cruise around New River, AZ and look for abandoned and historic sites, we wanted to photograph Shangri La Ranch. We heard there was lots of old buildings, but we couldn't find how to get into the site. What we didn't know was that this place was a nudist colony, clothing optional. Can you imagine how they would have felt seeing us take pictures or how shocked we would have been seeing naked people? I guess we will never know.

Shangril La Ranch is one in several nudist lifestyles you will find in Arizona. They offer many amenities such as swimming, volleyball (in or out of the water), hiking trails and much more. They also offer a large clubhouse with many activities to keep you busy. You can also have social functions at the facility. If you plan to take a dip in the pool or sauna, no clothes or swimming suits are allowed. I hope that they have plenty of sunscreen on, especially during the harsh desert summers. If you are interested in an alternate lifestyle and want to take a tour of the place, check out their website:


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