Desert Cruise to Laughlin

We had a fantastic 40th anniversary trip to Laughlin last weekend. My hubby and I actually came home with more money than we went with. Our friends treated us to a fantastic dinner and dessert. It was weird being there for the first time with having to wear masks. They had people paid to be on mask patrol and had every other slot machine shut down. My husband likes play three card poker at the tables, while I prefer 5 card draw duces wild at the bar on a machine. Every time I took a drink, I quickly pulled my mask down, drank a swig of my rum and coke, and quickly put my mask back on. We had a great time and will return when the restrictions are lifted.


  1. What fun! We are still planning our trip out to enjoy something other than the post office, grocery, and medical appointments. Today might be the day with lunch at an outdoor restaurant. ;)


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