Our 40 Year Anniversary

40 years ago today, April 25, 1981, Gary and I were married in my future in-laws backyard. The wedding was supposed to start at 6pm, but the minister thought it was 6:30pm. All went well and the weather was perfect. Everyone had a great time. My Dad kicked back some beers with the best man and my brother sang with the band. After it was over, we took our honeymoon to Sea World and ended up in Las Vegas.

It is hard to believe that 40 years have gone by. We have suffered some loses (his brother, parents and my Dad) and had some setbacks. We stuck through all the good and bad together. It wasn't easy, but we are stronger together for it. We have been blessed with two fantastic kids, a wonderful daughter-in-law and three beautiful grandkids.

Today, we are celebrating in Laughlin, a place we love to visit. We are meeting one of my besties and her husband there. She was a bridesmaid, so it makes sense that she is here to celebrate with us 40 years later. 

So what is next. Well, you saw my post about our land. We are hoping to put a house on there this fall and a smaller structure for guests. First thing is to prepare the land for the houses. Gary, Ryan and friends will be spending the majority of this summer out there working the land. I am very excited for our next chapter. This house is going to be a summer home, but if things get bad, it could turn into more.

So hears to the next 40 years. I will be 102 and Gary will be 103. I think that is doable. Enjoy the video of our life together. It was hard picking 40 years of pictures for this video, but I think I did a great job. The song is "Can I Have This Dance" by Anne Murray. It was our first dance song.


  1. Happy anniversary! What a wonderful story of love. I hope your next 40 is marvelous for you both.

  2. What a great video and testament to true love. May God continue to bless your union and the next chapter of your life together as one...much love, Patricia


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