Our Land: First Visit

My husband, Gary and I have always wanted to buy some land in Arizona to have mostly for a vacation spot. It gets really hot in the summer here, and we wanted a place in the northern and/or eastern part of the state where it is at least 20 degrees cooler or more. Ryan, our granddaughter Kennedy's dad, wanted land too and found 40 acre lots in the NE part of Arizona. We decided to go in with him and his uncle to purchase the land. He ended up buying the last two 40 acre lots. They were going fast. And just like that, we all became owners of 80 acres.

We met Ryan, our daughter Katie and granddaughter Kennedy in St. Johns, which is the nearest town to our land. We followed him down a dirt road to get to the location. We didn't know what to expect except that a huge arroyo or wash was running through the center of each lot. That thing was massive. Almost the size of a gorge. We couldn't cross it to the other side, but the next time Gary goes, he and a friend will take our Tracker down the wash to see where we could cross. 

We are so excited about this. It took us a long time to get to this point where we could own a piece of earth to call our own. One of the lots is very flat and has amazing views. This is where we are going to start building houses and a garage. The rest of the land will develop in time. We all have several ideas such as a pond in the arroyo, a lodge, and several small structures we can airbnb or vrbo as a fun vacation spot. I see those coming in the next few years. For now, we will build structures so we can stay there comfortably while developing the land.

I made a video from some of the pictures and videos I took while up there. I added Mary Chapin Carpenter's song The Hard Way to the video. Her line, "everything we got, we got the hard way" seems to fit. The road to purchasing the land wasn't easy, but very rewarding.


  1. 180 degrees of sky, no city lights, and clean air. Sounds great!


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