Abandoned Factories

These factories are no longer working the mines.  They are left abandoned and deserted by the closure of the mines and the departure of residence that have left to find work elsewhere.  Now all that is running through the vacant halls is the spirits of those who used to work there.

The first two photos were taken in Superior, AZ

The photos below were all taken in Miami, AZ


  1. Great pictures. Abandon mines seem to be my theme these days, just spent a week in Cornwall (UK) and saw LOTS of them. Not really something I would have thought I would find interesting....but I now find the idea facinating.

    Thanks so much for sharing.


  2. Sharon, they were pretty cool. I wish we could have explored the insides.

    Frog Queen, some of the abandoned places we have found most people would have just passed them by but not us. We find them interesting.

  3. I love old factory-type places. It's a shame that they are no longer up and running. Makes ya wonder why they closed. Economy? Nothing else to mine? Would have been fun to go exploring!

  4. Tara, I am sure that they closed for both reasons. We really wanted to get closer to them and go inside, but the warning signs stopped us. They would have been a blast to investigate.


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