Back to the Trailer Park

After the abandoned train, we cruised around Miami and then Superior but had no luck looking for the right place to add to our book.  We did find some cool houses but they looked dangerous and were fenced in.  We also saw some great empty and forgotten factories that were booming in the town's heyday.  But they had fences around with big signs that said words like, "hefty fines" and "arrested".  We can deal with a simple "no trespassing" sign but when they threaten our bank accounts and freedom that is when we decided to pass on the place because it wasn't worth the hassle.  I did get some great outside shots and will post them later.

As we headed back home, Sharon said that the one trailer in the abandoned trailer park where she found the wood divider had a good feeling.  We decided that place would be perfect for a chapter in our book. This was the main trailer across from the playground that was used for another chapter and next to Barry's outside bathtub.  Yeah, we had all the chapters we needed for the Desert Edition of our Abandoned Places: Abandoned Memories book, and now it is on to the next...


  1. I find it incredibly amazing that people just abandon life that way. Leaving things behind as if chased out by some wild mythical creature ten fearing to ever return.

  2. Hi MM, that trailer was full of stuff and many of it was in pretty good condition. I don't know what happened there, but perhaps like you said, a mythical creature or a graboid chased them away.


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