The Abandoned Street

Almost all the homes were deserted on this one street in the town of Miami.

the fixer-upper

the cottage

the town's realtor

the mansion

the tire house

The cactus on the left has my dirty mind racing, lol.

My future home.  You are all welcome to visit, just give me time to clean the place.


  1. WOW! Check out these photos! WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!!

  2. GREAT photos! This would make a super episode on "House Hunters"! haha

  3. Courtney; thanks dear. Happy Holidays to you!

    MM; that would be a great place to play hide and seek, also ditchum'.

  4. Brenda; yeah, there are plenty of empty homes to choose from, lol.

  5. Have enjoyed your posts,especially the Christmas one.My first book "Seeing Ghosts through God's Eyes was just released. I know you are busy,but if you have time please take a look at it. No rush-thank you Mark


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