You Just Never Know.....

.....what you will see on the road.  Here is some of our interesting finds:

A french fry man in Miami, AZ.
A bathroom in the middle of the desert.
Bath tubs in the middle of an abandoned mine.
A giant rooster on the side of the road.
Awesome old signs with amazing abandoned buildings.
Monuments for dead cowboys. (Tom Mix)
Amazing small towns.
Interesting rock formations. 
Bizarre abandoned businesses.


  1. Man, those were great trips! We do run into some of the weirdest stuff from rock frogs to town hall fairies, giant chickens to abandoned trailer parks.

    1. That is the best part of our trips, finding the bizarre stuff.

  2. that french fry man is the creepiest thing ever... i love it... i so want to travel with you all... and the frog rock too

  3. Love the photos...very interesting and cool. Thanks for sharing.



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