Renting the Domes

That's right, we can rent the Domes.  The first place we headed to when we got to Casa Grande was the Domes.  We have not visited there in over two years and was curious to see if the back structure was still standing.

As we were driving up to the Domes, we noticed a group of people standing by their cars.  We waited in the car to see what they were going to do.  We decided to get our cameras, hats and water ready to sneak walk over to the Domes.  Another car arrived and parked in front of us.  We found out it was the owners and that group rented the Domes for the day.  Sharon got his information because we were interested in having the place to ourselves with permission.  Meanwhile, I took some pictures of the outside and was glad to see the back structure still standing.  Sadly, we could not get inside to get more pictures.

We are planning on renting the place out for a day and into the night possibly in January.  We will be inviting others to join us in taking pictures, having a potluck, listening to awesome music, and ending the night in a ghost hunt with several EVP sessions.  Be looking for the invite in a future post and on Facebook.

The back structure.


  1. Can someone give me info on how to rent the dome?

  2. Where could I get the info to rent out the domes?


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