Bisbee in the Fall

I enjoy going to Bisbee any time of the year.  It is a fun little town to visit.  The last time I went was just a week ago, two days after Thanksgiving.  While others where fighting to get bargains in the malls and shops, Deb and I were enjoying the cool weather and unique shops of Bisbee.  We were surprised to find the little town bustling with lots of visitors.  Apparently they have house tours on the weekend following Thanksgiving.  We didn't join in on the tours, but they did sound interesting.  It would have been fun to check out the old/historic homes which are also said to be haunted.  But, since it was Deb's first time in Bisbee, we decided to walk the main street and check out the shops.  Later that night, we had a couple of drinks with a nice couple we met from Las Vegas, NM.  Yep, there is a Las Vegas in New Mexico and it is a small historic town.

The view of the main downtown road just outside our hotel, The Inn at Castle Rock

Someone's house right above an abandoned shop/cafe.

Along the main road in historic downtown Bisbee. There was nowhere to park.

Shops adorned with interesting decorations.

Busy shops next to abandoned historic buildings.

Stairs leading to the road above.

The "blue" theater.  Check out the giant fly on the window.

An annual event in Bisbee.

1000 steps to get to the top.

Stacked living is typical in Bisbee.

The entrance to the Copper Queen Hotel at night.

Looking down the main street at night.
Rod, Karen, Deb, and me listening to the band, having drinks and fun at the Copper Queen Hotel's bar.


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