Staying at the Inn at Castle Rock

I have stayed in Bisbee, AZ three times, twice at the Copper Queen Hotel.  My sister-in-law, Deb, and I decided to stay at the Inn at Castle Rock to see what it was like.  Right off the bat, I will say that if you plan an extended stay in Bisbee, I suggest you stay at the Copper Queen Hotel.  It is just my opinion.

The Inn at Castle Rock is located at the base of Castle Rock and along the main street of historic downtown Bisbee.  We arrived in town around 2:30 pm and noticed how crowded the streets were.  There were no open parking spaces in front of the hotel, so I had to park around the corner.  The walk to the hotel from my car wasn't very far and on a slight incline.  We walked through the interesting front door, and to the right to check in.  We were given an actual key, and followed the guy up the narrow stairs to the second floor where our room was located.

The room was small with a full bed in the main area, and a single bed in an alcove.  That is where I slept.  You had to go through the alcove to get to the bathroom.  In the bathroom was a door leading out to our private patio.  The view was gorgeous with vines covering the sides of the mountain next to the back of the hotel.  The room was basically rustic and the beds were hard.  If you are looking forward to a hot shower, forget it.  The water only got to warm.  The rooms don’t have TV’s inside of them; instead they have a TV room.  Our room was located next to it.  If you want to use your computer, you may have problems logging on.  Their Wi-Fi is limited and I was never able to get online.

All and all, the place wasn't too bad for a one night stay.  The employees were gracious and helpful.  If you want that rustic/historic feel to the place you are staying, I would suggest you give the Inn at Castle Rock a try.

For the history and ghost stories, click my post:  Inn at Castle Rock

The entrance to the hotel.

The lobby area.

Our room.

The view of our patio from the above walkway.

Our retro patio furniture.

The view from our patio.

The hotel's TV room.  Guess who was there??

The front porch of the hotel.

Sitting on the interesting bench out front of the hotel.


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