Arcosanti: Sky Tower Suite

Sharon and I stayed in the Sky Tower Suite when we spent the night at Arcosanti.  The place had the most amazing view, but was three stories up with no elevator.  My calves were sore by the time we got home.

It was an interesting place and had a couple of different levels to it.  It had a fully functioning kitchen with a bar, small living space with three stairs leading to a loft or stage area.  This is used to add extra bedding if more people are staying there.  The bathroom is small along with the shower, but was just fine for us.  My room had a single bed on one level with a fan on the upper space.  This place has no AC, but the fans kept us cool.  Sharon's room was down a couple of steps with a full bed.

It was a nice place for us to lay our heads at night and to enjoy the incredible sunset in the evening.


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