Congress Old Western Cemetery

Between Wickenburg and Prescott along Highway 89, is the small town of Congress, Arizona.  The town now sits as a ghost town with a few houses and a couple of cemeteries.  Sharon had already been to the Old Congress Cemetery which was a good thing because this tiny cemetery was down a winding dirt road, just past the new cemetery.  We would have missed it if she didn't know where it was located.  The place was a bit eerie, and with all the cactus surround the headstones and graves, it had a distinctive western feel to it as well.


  1. I love that cemetery. It's very very weird and the ground is completely covered in quartz and many of the graves have huge chunks of quartz stacked on them. I think it might just make the list of haunted cemeteries.

  2. Yeah, this cemetery did have a creepy, ghostly feel to it. I loved the wood fenced grave. I am using the pictures I took of it and the two pieces of wood I found, and making a couple of projects for sale in my Etsy shop. I am hoping to finish them today.

  3. Really enjoyed these pics. Here in Virginia, so many remote/abandoned cemeteries are found in thick undergrowth, accessible only by a trek through the woods- it's really cool seeing shots like this with such a different backdrop than what we're used to.

  4. Bleaux; the backdrop in AZ gives the cemeteries the creepy old western feel to them. Also, there are interesting not-so well known people buried in them that have fascinating stories.


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