The South Mountain Mysteries

Here we go again, another daytrip. Last month Sharon took a trek up South Mountain with her buddy Vinnie. She went to check out the petroglyphs drawn on the many rocks dispersed around the mountain. She also told me about the abandoned castle and many Native American shards that are scatter all over the place. She knew this would be the perfect daytrip and information I can add in my future book.

The South Mountains were named for their geographic location south of Phoenix. The land is managed by the city of Phoenix and considered sacred by the Akimel O’odham as well as the Sierra Estrella Mountains. Many UFO’s have been reported hovering over the mountains and over 20 communication towers are located on its peaks. There are many hiking paths and a mystery castle found in the foothills on the north side of the mountains. This castle was built in 1930 from weird materials and trash and used as a private residence. Also found on the mountain are ancient Indian ruins, petroglyphs, and pieces of pottery all over the grounds.

Of course this Sunday is going to be cold and rainy. When I say cold, it is by Phoenix standards of 50 degrees. I think the rain will add the right type of mood for all the pictures I plan to take. Be looking for videos, photos, and stories of our trek up the mountain.


  1. Ooooooh! Looking forward to it! Hope you get great photos and have a blast hiking around out there in nice weather. (Heaven knows it'll be 100 there before too long.)

  2. Court; it is supposed to rain but not all day. It will be a tad muddy but I think the hike will be beautiful. Like you said, it will be 100 degrees before we know it and getting out during the AZ winters is the best. I am loving our weather now!

  3. I am excited to photograph the place when it's wet. The sun bleaches everything out. It should look even more mysterious and imposing and there's a lot of pyramid shapes in the hillsides there and you sometimes forget you're in AZ. It's a weird deja vu. I will be sure to have lots of hot cocoa for when we're done. We will need it.

  4. Well Sis, I am looking forward to the hike and seeing all the interesting things scattered on the mountains. A little rain won't stop us...

  5. Whoa, looks great :) Looking forward to the photos!


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