The Morristown Cemetery

Roughly 50 miles northwest of Phoenix and near my home in Surprise, lies the tiny town of Morristown, AZ.  With a population of 1,400 and named after Morristown, New Jersey, the Morristown store, which was formerly the Morristown Hotel, is on the National Register of Historical Places.  The town's cemetery was our first stop on our trip to Vulture Mine and Prescott.


  1. Yeah, that giant rocking chair was really creepy, but a nice thing to put next to a baby's grave. That's a really plain little cemetery but has a strange feel. I think all these cemeteries in mining areas that are covered in quartz just feel weird.

  2. I love the desert cemetery pictures! The cemeteries there are so different from the ones down here. There is something haunting about their simplicity.

  3. great pictures! Looks like another fun adventure :)

  4. Sis; all the baby's graves were sad. There were many of them. I got that weird feeling there too.

    Jessica; it must be the desert setting and history of these little cemeteries that make them so haunting.

    Zoe, thanks.... we had a great time and visited a few other places after this. (later posts)

  5. how different the cemeteries are, quite interesting.

  6. It's truly cool to see how different people bury their loved ones! Things out there are SO very different than they are down south! VERY cool! Love the pics...especially the sign at the cemetery entrance!


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