Prescott: Where Was Abby?

If someone were to ask me where I would like to be living, I would pick Prescott, Arizona. Prescott has that small town feel, but isn’t small. The downtown area around the Court House and the famous Whiskey Row has the old historical buildings and hotels along with small hometown shops and antique stores. There are many bungalows and cottages with historical plaques on them which line the many streets around town. It has the old town look and quaintness, but it still has all the amenities needed that a big city provides. I would never go bored hunting down all the places around town that are haunted and have great story about their ghosts. Oh yeah, the weather is nice too; not as hot as Phoenix or cold as Flagstaff….. just right.

Sharon and I picked Prescott as the place where we wanted to spend the night after visiting a couple of cemeteries and Vulture Mine. She booked room 16 which is known as Abby’s room and to be haunted. The story goes that Abby’s, who was ill, and her cat (Noble), starved to death in that room waiting for her husband to return with medicine. Sharon had an interesting experience in that room the last time she stayed there and couldn’t wait to give it another try. She brought Dale along to see if his presence would entice Abby to come out and play.

We settled in the room and went downstairs to read others experiences while staying in room 16, and then went out to eat. We left Dale on the floor by the closet door to guard it and make sure it stayed shut. That door has been known to open on its own. It’s weird, but the look on his face looked as if it went from happy to scare. That freaked me out.

When we got back to the room, Dale was still sitting by the closet door and appeared to not have moved. After messing around on our computers, we got the room ready for what we hoped would be a ghostly night. I never felt Abby’s presence in the room, but there was a distinct odor of a cat in the closet. Late in the night I felt something lightly walking on the covers. Many of the stories in the book also mentioned the feeling of a phantom cat walking on the bed while they were trying to sleep.

In the morning we checked all the objects we fixed to trap any ghosts that might move something, but none of it looked to be tampered with. We only experienced noises in the closet which sounded like scratching and meowing. Was poor Noble’s spirit still trapped in the closet?

We may not have experienced Abby’s paranormal activity, but we did get to see it snow. That may not sound too exciting for those who experience snowing all the time, but for us Phoenicians, it was a treat. Sharon was a bit worried about the roads being icy, but it quit before we left and the roads were clear.

The creepy dress someone left hanging in the closet for Abby.

Dale guarding the closet door. He wasn't happy about it.

Hotel Vendome lobby.

Sign on the Hotel Vendome.

Sunset in Prescott.

The wicked red light in the hallway.

Room 16, Abby's place.

Closet door with tape was not disturbed when
 we checked it in the morning.

The untuck sheets were not tucked back in this time.

Lightly snowing outside the hotel.

Snowing a bit harder.


  1. It was a magical visit from Vulture Mine to the desert cemetery of Congress and those magnificent deer that leaped up the mountain in front of us, the snow and the charming stay at the inn. Yeah, Abby did not provide, but just another reason of why we need to learn why sometimes things happen and sometimes they don't. They can't be random, something has to spark it. I hope to find out what that something is. In the mean time, I'm still thinking about that cute church in downtown Prescott that was for sale. I want to live in that so much!!!

  2. I think waking up to Prescott snowing was the perfect ending to our trip. Perhaps Abby found a male ghost hanging around in another room and was shacking up with him, or it could have been Zak from GA since we saw on last weeks show that he has a thing for ghost women, lol. Whatever the reason, I hope she decides to show up the next time we stay there. BTW, you can buy that cute church for sale and I will find a sweet little house with a big porch overhanging Prescott to live in. I can see us living in Prescott, writing our books and doing our crafts.

  3. Quite a contrast to the original Vendôme.

  4. Julie, I'm with you. I would live in Prescott in a second. You described it perfectly. Small town feel but not a small town. Has the wonderful history and historical buildings, beautiful scenery and seasonal weather. I loved reading about the Hotel Vendome and your stay there with Sharon. And of course I once again enjoyed your marvelous pics!!!


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