Gone, But Not Forgotten

Next to the dirt road leading to the Morristown cemetery, we noticed an abandoned building and trailer sitting all by themselves.  Since we can't resist a boarded up structure, especially with a deserted trailer behind it, we stopped to get pictures after visiting the cemetery.  From the looks of it, we thought the building might have been a hotel and the owner stayed in the trailer behind it.  Whatever the story of this place was, we thought it was a cool photo op.


  1. I have to admit, I was feeling half-tempted to find out what the place was going for. I loved it and it was in a very cool area as far as being near the high-country, but I think I'd go a bit mad living out there alone and it wouldn't be pretty, something like "Psycho" I'm thinking.

  2. Sis; "We all go a little mad sometimes" (Norman Bates)... I just wanted to see what the inside looked like. I loved the vines growing on the outside up to the eves. That showed us that even in the abandoned places, life still goes on.

    Zoe; thanks, that place took us by surprise. We were not looking for it. It just happened to be on the way to the cemetery.

  3. It's so cool to see the inside of this place. I lived in Morristown for about a year, and while I was there this place was still open. Unfortunately, it had a bar in it and I was underage at the time so I never got to see it. I live a few hours out now, but whenever I go to visit family in Wickenburg I am SO tempted to sneak in.


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