Inside Mystery Castle

If you thought the outside had a bizarre mix of materials making up the facade of the castle, check out the wacky rooms inside.

unusual guests
desert critter shoes

creepy bunny costume
guest bedroom
Lady of the house

child size armor

the alter
the music room

the bar
antiques in the bar
apparently they partied too much
the bar
have a seat

Humm, I don't recall seeing a bathroom.


  1. What a super cool place! Thank you for the tour. :)

  2. Looks like the kind of place you could spend hours and still not see all the details. Very cool.

  3. Miss Julie;
    Why didn't you take me? I belong there!!!

  4. Lois; it is very cool. I still have more miscellanous pictures. This place was fun to photograph.

    MM; I will need to go back there again because I am sure I miss something. There was something weird behind every corner.

    Dale, my little plastic friend, you would love it there. I will see what your human thinks of your idea.

  5. I really love this place! I wish I could have a real tour. Thanks for the virtual tour.

  6. Wow that's pretty cool, a lot of stuff to look at, kind of creepy though.

  7. Jessica; whenever you get the opportunity to visit AZ, put the Mystery Castle on your ta-do list.

    RQ; with all the weird things all over the place and dark/cold rooms, it does give you an eerie feeling. I would like to see the place at night.

  8. Phenomenal. I'm sharing this on Twitter and StumbleUpon too.

  9. Awwww, thanks Courtney, you are so sweet!

  10. Love MYSTERY CASTLE!!! One of my favorite places to take visitors!
    Her father's ghost has been seen from time to time--we photographed him standing on a staircase!


  11. Debe; I love it when you chime in and tell about your personal experiences. I would love to see the picture. That would be an awesome place to ghost hunt..... very creepy!

  12. I feel like offering them a bloody fortune for that bunny costume. To me, that would be soooo ideal for my creepy collection. It's like something out of a sick scary movie murder's attire.

  13. I can tell that you were interested in that bunny. I thought it had a weird vibe.


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