What's On South Mountain?

When you take a hike up South Mountain in Phoenix, you come across several different things.  Here is some of the things we came across on our trek:


more petroglyphs

dried up creeks

more dried up creeks

"Sleepy Hollow" trees

more creepy trees or Bigfoot nests

moss on rocks in Arizona

more mossy rocks (rare sight for AZ)

pottery shards

snake holes (thank goodness it was hibernating)


  1. I love the petroglyphs. There is nothing that interesting on the other side of the mountains around here. Just more kudzu.

  2. I love them too. There were many more on the mountain but we didn't hit those paths.

  3. Thank you for taking us along on your walk. I like the petroglyphs, too. Lovely scenery.

  4. Didn't that place have a weird feel to it sis? I can imagine Native Americans chanting and it bouncing off the granite and ringing down the arroyos. I think next to Sedona, that place has the most spiritual feel ever. Your pics came out beautifully. You really captured it.

  5. Those petroglyphs are awesome

  6. Lois; you are welcome. Petroglyphs are pretty cool. I plan to see more when I visit Sedona.

    Sis; it did have a weird vibe, almost spiritual. I wouldn't mind going back and hiking different trails.

    LoneIslander; it has a hell of a view up on the mountain. I will have to post those pictures too.

    Barry; be ready to see more after my trip to Sedona at the end of April.


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