The Mysterious White Mountains

One of Arizona’s most beautiful areas is the White Mountains in the north eastern part of the state.  Many escape the blistering heat of Phoenix in the summer to cool off in the lakes, streams, and forest of the White Mountains.  My family and I have been there many times camping and have always enjoyed it.

But inside the pine trees and babbling brooks holds many mysteries.  Could the White Mountains of Arizona be a hotbed of paranormal activity?  There have been many reports of strange and unexplainable incidences not to be ignored.  The local residences have reported seeing ghosts, Bigfoot and UFO’s.

In the 1980’s a camping area known as Diamond Rock Campground had a ghost sighting.  Local camp hosts would use this place as a meeting ground in the evenings to have coffee and cake.  One night they decided to get together and take a photo of the group.  There were about 10 to 12 people in the group.  When the picture was developed, the photographer noticed a woman in the photo standing behind the group. No one saw her come up to the group and leave it afterwards.  There was no explanation for why the woman was there or how she ended up in the picture.  Others have reported seeing a female ghost in that area, just walking around like she was lost.

Along with the ghost lady, many have claimed seeing Bigfoot too.  While in search of Bigfoot, investigators have found footprints, hair samples, and other unusual information in an area where a sighting was reported.  The hair and plant samples were sent to a lab for analysis where it was concluded that the hair was “non-human animal origin”.  The cast of the footprint became famous and known as the “Skookam Cast”.

In the Diamond Creek area more unusual footprints were also found.   They were not as pronounced in shape as the “Skookam Cast” but enough to say they were worth looking at and doing castings of the images.   In the surrounding areas, many have reported seeing a large, black, hairy, man-like creature standing in the pines.  Only some have come in contact, but most of the reports are of sightings of the creature just standing or moving amongst the trees. 

Bigfoot and ghosts are not the only things that have been reported in the White Mountains, UFO sightings happen there as well.  Most of the reported sightings we don’t hear about but the Travis Walton story is the most famous to come out of that area.

On November 5, 1975, logger Travis Walton was working in the Apache-Sitgreaves National forest with a crew, when he claimed to have been abducted by a UFO.  An intensive search was done with accusations of misconduct towards the logging crew was hurled at them.  After five days, Travis appeared, naked and confused on what happened to him.  His case still remains as one of the best known instance of an alleged alien abduction.


  1. Wait, Arizona actually has WATER? Who knew? (LOL!)

  2. There seems to be a lot of paranormal history conected to the White Moutains. It looks like somewhere I would love to visit. So beautiful.

    We have some haunted woods here as well, Okie Pinokie. It has a lot of trails to walk. Very beautiful and peaceful during the day. But at night... that's a different story.

  3. These aren't pictures that come to mind when I think of Arizona!

    Have you ever had a paranormal experience while you were there?

  4. Something they never show the public about AZ is all the green parts of it up north in the higher elevations where it rains frequently and snows. Flagstaff and the White Mountains are quite lush. I have to admit that the White Mountains and the lakes up there have some very freaky vibes. I used to think it was the Apache influence--all the spirituality over generations affecting the "feel" of it, but it's not a bad feeling, but kind of unpredictable. I really wanted to do our BF hunt there this fall, but with the recent huge fire, I think it's a rough place to explore. Flagstaff will be good-plenty of reports there and if BF had to migrate from the fire zone, that'd be where he'd go.

  5. Bubba, yes we have water (silly boy, tee hee).

    Vivienne, I do like the haunted woods.

    Justine, many think we are a dry state but we have many lakes and rivers. I have not had any paranormal experiences while camping in the White Mountains but I am hoping to next time.

    Sis, you are correct. I wanted to get a cabin there too but sadly the fires will keep us away. We should have fun in Flagstaff.

  6. When it comes to things like this..I have to have seen it for myself.That being wrote, lately, I have been waking up at the same time ,in the middle of the night or early AM (3:13 to be exact) thinking about what I saw plus the Chevron shaped lights over our skies 18 years ago. Then I find that there are almost a hundred documented sightings of the same lights ,even recently by professionals and pilots, civil and commercial. I don't know how to explain ,cant even believe i am writing this. I don't use any illegal substances nor drink. I live up here in the WM after migrating 20 years ago from out of state. One night, coming home late from work right outside Pinedale; I saw something that shook me me up. I came home, told my Daughter and felt the need to draw what I saw. After that, I just forgot about it. This area is where the Rodeo Chedisky fire breached the Rim. I know this because I was a FF at the time and know the terrain well. Yes, a large long haired man creature crouching in the embankment, slipped behind a Pinyon pine waiting to cross the road (like a animal afraid and trying to reverse direction). I know because the eyes shined back like a animals eyes would if you shine a light onto them. It shook me up, I thought about going back and double checking or something, But, I was dead tired ,figured I was needing some rest and wanted to get home. Nothing since, but lately the drive I have been having is kept me up nights trying to understand why I have been thinking about un explained sightings and so forth. This is not me to be asking these questions, The recent power and internet going down so often this last year has had me wondering why our local CO. cant keep the internet up and constant. Then, ridiculous explanations by the FBI agents possibly looking into the activity Saying that it was some guys shooting out a control box out in some remote area was the reason.. I was trained by my local and state agencies that if we were cornered by media to comment on something that could spark panic was to be vague and use a variety of open ended answers to satisfy the public so as not to create a panic. That is what i felt the explanations lately have been. Really, we have zero redundancy programs in place for this when it effects such a large area? So I look up if this had happened before. Sure enough, March of 97 we experienced many frequent power loses and computer outages. I know i will be thought of as a nut case or perhaps looking for attention by bringing this up, but I assure you notoriety is something I consistently avoid living up here. Anyway, there is my contribution and attempt at finding some answers to my recent nightmares and gut feelings I have been experiencing lately.

    1. Anonamous. Are you still having trouble ? I believe you and I might be able to help


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