The Bird Cage Theatre Roped Me In

It was several years ago during a hot summer when I decided to go channel surfing. All my regular shows were reruns and I was looking for something new and different to watch. While thumbing through the channels I came across Syfy (which was spelled sifi at the time) and saw a show called Ghost Hunters. Hum, this sounded interesting and I was fascinated with the paranormal. I caught the show at the beginning and they were doing an investigation at the Bird Cage Theatre in Tombstone, AZ. I was curious to see if they would find any ghosts there because I had visited the place several times in the past.

I watched as they walked around the place and were shown where all the ghostly hotspots were along with the history of the place. After that, they set up cameras and recorders throughout the building. When it got dark, they shut off all the lights and then two by two they went inside. They not only heard all kinds of noises and voices, they saw a ghost of a woman heading downstairs into the basement only to disappear. At the end of the show they presented the owners with evidence of the sounds of piano playing, and cards shuffling on the recorders, and a heavy cord unwrapping from a bell on the wall by unseen forces on the video camera. Wow, this was so cool, and I was hooked. The show that followed was when they went to St. Augustine Lighthouse and had more cool evidence captured. I started watching Ghost Hunters every week since then, and still do. Yes, it has lost some of its glory and excitement, but I just can’t seem to stop watching.

After seeing that show along with Ghost Adventures and even Ghost Lab’s experiences at the Bird Cage Theatre, I wanted to be a part of a ghost hunt there too. Just this past May, I got to see that dream fulfilled. There were seven of us who got to be a part of the investigation. We also had experiences hearing voices, strange noises, and felt like we were being watched. (Click link to read about our experience.) The three hours was not enough time and we are hoping to investigate the place all night the next time.

Now Fact or Faked is doing an investigation there too. It looks like from the previews they had some weird things happen to them too. (Is this show becoming a ghost hunting show?) Whatever we all encountered while investigating this little place, the Bird Cage Theatre is a creepy and interesting place to do a ghost hunt.

the cages

The stage where an apparition has been seen walking across.

The bell where the cord unwrapped itself on GH.

main hall

We heard lots of noise by this hearse.

The basement where we heard lots of noises and voices.


  1. oh my gosh, that place looks awesome... in the last picture please tell me what that man in the blue suit is... do you have any closer up photos?

    cool share!

  2. That place was wicked awesome. I am going to have to get back there with my POE team!

  3. The birdcage is one of my dream haunted trips. My son even brought me a book from his school library on the birdcage. Your pictures make it look even more interesting.

  4. Jeremy; I will send you a picture of the that area so you can see them up close.

    Sis; Yes, yes, yes! We need to pull an all-nighter there.

    Jessica; We are going to do another ghost hunt there. We would love for you to join us.

  5. You sure go to some cool places!!!

    I'm jealous!!


  6. Even without the hauntings, it looks like such an interesting building. Can't wait to see what you guys uncover on your ghost hunt!

  7. Wait was that the shadow of a coffee grinder??? hee hee hee

  8. Shoes, I love visiting the old west mining towns especially if they are known to be haunted.

    LGH, we caught voices on our first investigation. We are hoping to be in the building all night the next time and hopefully get more.

    Barry, hahaha, good eye! Nothing gets past you.

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