No Cable, No Vacancy, No More

I have driven by this abandoned motel many times and finally one day had my camera with me.  I decided to stop and take pictures before the place was torn down.


  1. Wild! I like the one of you reflected in the window. Very neat photos, Julie.

  2. Great pics. I like the stone they used on some of the buildings, makes them look rustic. I hope they save the stone.

  3. I love the stone. It must have beautiful in its day.

  4. That is a unique motel! It has sort of a stone cabin feel. It sure does look close to being torn down. It's cool that you were able to catch some photos while you had the chance!

  5. Hi Court, I like the way that one turned out too.

    Vivienne, you don't see things make from large stones anymore. I hope they reuse the stones on another project.

    Sis, I bet it has been around for a long time. It is located in El Mirage.

    Jessica, I have tried to find a picture of what it once looked like in its heyday but couldn't find one.

    Justtine, yeah I was afraid I wasn't going to get the pictures before it was torn down, but happily I got to it in time.


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