Zombie Housewives Hit the Town

It was a night like any other.  Liz and Stella (http://zombiehousewives.blogspot.com/) were going to go bowling and then head downtown to meet up with many of their zombie cohorts.  They were going to join others on a walk and feast through the streets of the city.  They left Liz's apartment before dark, picked up five more of their zombie buddies, hopped the light rail, and headed downtown to a fun time of feasting and frolic.

You saw pictures of some of the zombies who were at the event in my last post.  Now it is time for Liz and Stella to show what their night was like.

Stella impatiently wait for Liz to get ready.

Liz is ready to party.

Kyle is going to try and keep the peace. (Haha, good luck.)

Marilyn and her zombie ninja boyfriend.

Lets go....

Waiting for the light rail.

Out for a little human feasting or rather zombie fun.

Don't they look excited?

Cool, a zombie statue.

Liz was hoping to be arrested by this zombie guard.

Damn, he is tall.

Do not mess with our friend. 

Marilyn was looking for JFK but don't tell her ninja boyfriend.

Our friend was looking for a human to wrangle.  She was hungry.


  1. I just love how patiently zombies wait for the light rail and sit quietly until their stop.
    Great pics. Looked like a terrific time.

  2. Awesome pics! Looks like all the zombies had a blast! It's nice that they stopped eating brains long enough to pose for pics!

  3. Were they any spontaneous dance moves?

  4. So, did you ever get around to actually bowling. By the way, what are your averages?

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. looks like you 2 ladies hand a blast

  7. Some of those zombies were terribly annoying with their moaning. I lose all respect for zombies that must moan. I was also disappointed because the men were walking stiff-legged, but not for the reasons I was hoping for....

  8. MM; there was no reason to stir up trouble. We knew there would be plenty of humans (food) riding the rails and we were right.

    Vivienne; yes we do enjoy a good feast but still want to look fab for the pictures.

    Lost.in.Idaho; no but I was ready to dance and had Thriller running thoughout my head the entire walk.

    Bubba; my average is 80. Yes, I suck at bowling. We lost our severed head ball and couldn't bowl that night.

    Demonic; we had a great time with about 4000 of our closest zombie friends.

    Liz; you are just mad because those hot zombie guards didn't arrest and subject you to a full body patdown.

  9. I love those pink shirts! That Jack Skellington on stilts was pretty cool too. Looks like you had an awesome time!

  10. Yes, those pretty pink shirts set off your decaying flesh beautifully!!

  11. Justine; Jack was very popular. Everyone wanted their picture with him (humans and zombies).

    LGH; thanks! We love hearing things like that.

  12. This looks like it was a blast. I wish I hadn't been a bum and not gone out this year. It looks like there was a pretty good turnout of zombies there. Makes for a great zambience:)

  13. Omg, a ninja zombie. I thought I've seen it all...


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