Painted Rock

Petroglyphs can be found all over the southwest with many sites located in Arizona. One of the sites is found 18 miles west by northwest of Gila Bend on the Painted Rock Mountains. The Painted Rock Petroglyph Site has over 800 images which are engraved in basalt boulders. Many of the imprints can be found on the eastern side of the mountain’s rim. Along with the petroglyphs and dotted throughout the landscape are traces of ancient Hohokam ruins. To get to the site from Phoenix, you head west on I-10, and then turn south on Hwy 85 towards Gila Bend. You go beyond the town to I-8 West to the exit for Painted Rock Road which is approximately 14 miles from downtown Gila Bend.


  1. I can't helps smiling. I love that place so much, but I giggle when I think "what if these were just doodles while they chatted?" It'd be like if someone took my post-it notes and used them to figure me out. Yikes.


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