Abandoned Photography in Miami AZ

The little mining town of Miami, AZ has several empty buildings and homes for which any urban photographer would enjoy shooting.  Every time my travel friend and I hit this town we always find something new to take pictures of.  The downtown area is dotted with abandoned buildings, shops and rusty items sitting beside them.  Above the main drag of the settlement are homes built on the side of the mountain.  Some homes still have people living in them, while others sit empty, decaying, and falling down or still standing, but just a shell of its former self.

Miami started as a plot of land bought in 1907 by the Miami Land and Improvement Company.  They called this small part of earth “Miami Flats” and is where downtown sits today.  By 1910, the populace of Miami grew to over 800 souls living in town, but when the copper mines dried up, Miami was hit hard.  Many of the residents left town and abandoned their homes.  Miami almost became a ghost town but has survived.  Today, the downtown area is slowly getting renovated, while the town offers low-cost and affordable housing.

Stairs leading up to the road one level above downtown.

Some of the many stairs leading up to the houses above.

An abandoned home found along the street above downtown.

Remnants of what used to be someone's home.

An abandoned home sitting on a pile of recycled tires.

A view of downtown Miami from the road above.

The place we call the "Bee Apartments" because of all the bees hanging
around the porch and their huge hive hidden under the porch ceiling.

A "New Age" type shop found along the downtown strip.

An odd character in front of an antique shop.

A view of the "Bee Apartments" from the road above.


  1. It's always a pleasure to discover your urbex photos.

    1. Thanks Vanessa. I enjoy finding these places and taking the photos of the abandoned structures.


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