History and Ghosts of Bisbee

Bisbee, Arizona is rich in history, but it’s the residents of the past, who still seem to be hanging around, which make this town an interesting place to visit.  Bisbee is tucked below U.S. Highway 80 and is approximately 82 miles southeast of Tucson.  It was discovered in 1877 by a civilian tracker named Jack Dunn.  He was tracking a small band of Apaches warriors and came across a mineral deposit instead.  Shortly afterwards, the town of Bisbee was established.

After enjoying decades of prosperity from the mines riches, everything came to a halt when the mines dried up and the funds ran out.  By 1974, many of the residents, miners, and businesses men left town to find riches in other places.  Many houses and buildings were left abandoned with only a few souls remaining, living souls that is.

Today, Bisbee is thriving thanks to its atypical combination of residents (artists, hippies, retirees, investors) and stories of ghost sightings. When you walk along the main street and look up at the houses high above you with the many stairs leading to the front doors, you get an eerie feeling someone is watching you.  It might be one of the many odd characters wandering the streets, or it could be someone from Bisbee notorious past.  There have been claims of seeing apparitions and shadow figures drifting along the streets or hanging around in the many businesses, restaurants, or hotels that are located in the historic part of town.  I can tell you from experience that something strange is afoot in Bisbee, AZ.  (Type “Bisbee” in my search engine on the right and read all about my experiences.)

Historic downtown Bisbee

Stairway to heaven.  Probably not.  More than likely
they lead to someone's house.

A view of downtown from the park.

Copper Queen Hotel is where I, along with some friends, had
paranormal experiences.

The Oliver House (haunted)

The Inn at Castle Rock (haunted)

This photo was taken at night in a well lighted area.
The photos taken before and after clearly showed the stairs.
We are not sure what this is.  Perhaps a ghost walking by?
The streets of Bisbee are very dark and scary at night.


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