UFO's, Ghosts and Lost Mines of the Mountains

One of the most famous mountain ridges in Arizona is the Superstition Mountains.  If you travel about 35 miles southeast of Phoenix in Apache Junction, you will be at the base of the gorgeous mountain range.  The Superstition Mountains have lots of stories, especially the ones involving ghosts and UFO sightings and a lost mysterious gold mine.  This puzzling vein of minerals is known as the Lost Dutchman Mine and has attracted many gold seekers for generations to try and find it.  For many, the thrill of locating the gold and getting rich has met with a tragic end to their lives.  People have reported seeing ghosts in various places on the mountains especially in locales around where the mine is claimed to be hidden.  Perhaps these are the spirits of those who set out looking for the gold, but never made it out of the mountains

There are many things to keep you busy when you visit the Superstition Mountains.  If you want to get a bit of history on the place, check out the museum and historic buildings around the grounds.  A dirt path will take you to the Elvis Memorial Chapel, Apacheland Barn, Twenty Stamp Mill, Gallows and finally the Windmill.  Several movies were made in some of the locations on the grounds.

A short distance from the museum sits the Goldfield Ghost Town and is known as “the valley’s only authentic ghost town”.  You can ride the rails on the Narrow Gauge Train around the town and through the desert.  The Goldfield Mine offers a gold panning experience and lets you keep what you find.  With over 20 shops, exhibits, and eating establishments such as a saloon, this old west ghost town is a fun place to visit.

If you want to relax on the water, Canyon Lake is tucked inside the mountains and a beautiful place to visit.  You can rent a boat for fishing, skiing, or just relaxing.  There are hotels nearby where you can take in the beauty of the lake from your room.  It is a wonderful place for those who love to photograph stunning scenery.  There are several places along the lake for camping and having a picnic.

Some people like to park their vehicles and one of the many recreation spots throughout the mountains and look for UFO’s.  So many people have reported seeing something strange in the skies over the Superstition Mountains which they could not explain.  Weird lights and objects have been seen by all types of witnesses.  Lots of folks say that the mountains have some sort of mythical powers which draw in the beings from other planets.  I’m not sure, but I know these mountains have some sort of energy that I felt when I visited the area.

There are several places to eat in and around the mountain range.  The Mining Camp Restaurant opened its doors in 1961 and offers you a tasty old west mining meal.  You are seated at a picnic-like table with tine mine-camp plates, silverware and tin cups in front of you.  You start with rolls, beans, coleslaw and then the main course follows.  During the meal, you are treated to the country western sounds of the McNasty Brothers.  So, as you can see, there are lots to do when you visit the mysterious Superstition Mountains.


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