Southern Arizona's Wine Country

I just recently took a trip to Sonoita which is located in the heart of southern Arizona wine country.  Sharon, Deb and I were able to try 5 of the vineyards and their wine tasting bars.  The first five I have listed are the ones we went to.  The rest are other vineyards in the area that also offer wine tastings.  I did find out that I do not care for dry wines.  I have more of a sweet wine palette.

Dos Cabezas Wine Works – This winery is owned and operated by the Bostock family from the time they acquired the winery in 2006, but has been generating wines since 1995.  The vineyard started out on 80 acres of land near Willcox, AZ, and eventually moved to Sonoita where it flourishes today.
Lightning Ridge Cellars – This small family operated winery was founded in 2005.  They spent eons perfecting their wines and are delighted to present them to the public in honor of their Italian legacy.  As they state on their website, “an old world style of winemaking provide the perfect combination to produce rich, full-bodied wines.”

Arizona Hops & Vines – This little winery/farm is a welcoming spot where families and wine lovers will have a wonderful time.  They have a patio where you can sit and enjoy your wine while enjoying the amazing scenery.  They also offer you different snacks (chips, Cheetos, Doritos) for each wine.

Sonoita Vineyards – Where the first three places only offered us dry wines, Sonoita had a great variety with sweet wines as well.  This award winning winery was the first profitable winery in Sonoita, began in 1974, and opened their doors in 1983.  The vineyard spreads out to about 50 acres.  They are besieged by gently sloping grasslands and gorgeous mountains.  The vineyard is operated by a tiny group of people who see to it that each bottle has the attention and devotion that it deserves.

Wilhelm Family Vineyards – The Wilhelm family’s winery and vineyard are located on 20 acres in Sonoita.  Their vineyard sits on 5 of the 20 acres and has amazing 180 degree views from the top of the hill where the wine tasting building is located.

Charron Vineyards -
Rancho Rossa Vineyards -
Callaghan Vineyards -
Flying Leap Vineyards -
Kief-Joshua Vineyard -
Village-of-Elgin/Four Monkey - &


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