Gold Dollar: Fact or Fiction

There is a story circulating around Tombstone and told by many about a dancer/soiled dove that once lived in this Wild West town.  This petite gal was nicknamed "Gold Dollar" because of her golden hair and that she always received a gold dollar for her services.  This feisty little lady had a boyfriend named Billy and laid claim to him.  "No one" and she meant "no one" was to flirt or put their grubby hands on her man.

When a strikingly beautiful Mexican lady came to town named Margarita, she had her eyes on Billy.  Even though she was constantly told by Gold Dollar to lay off her man or she will cut out her heart, Margarita did not listen.  Finally, after Gold Dollar was told that Margarita was sitting on Billy's lap at the poker table in the Bird Cage Theatre, she stormed over there with hate in her eyes.  The story goes on to say that Gold Dollar stabbed Margarita in the stomach or side either with a 6" stiletto causing her heart to fall out or just bleeding to death.

I have had some people dispute the existence of Gold Dollar and Billy Milgreen, her boyfriend.  They especially said there was no proof of the murder or murder weapon anywhere.  Until my last visit to Tombstone and the Bird Cage, I never saw a picture of either.  On our way out and near the gift shop in the basement, I saw it.  There in the corner was a picture of not only Gold Dollar, but Billy as well.  I was excited to finally be able to put a face to the story.  Whether or not there was a murder, I still find it a fascinating story and will continue to tell it.

For my detailed story, check out my 2010 Gold Dollar post:

The story is also found in my travel book:
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Margarita's headstone and grave at Boot Hill Graveyard.


  1. I always wondered about that legend.

  2. Further proof that truth is always stranger than fiction. And I love the irony that a prostitute gets jealous over her guy potentially being with someone else.

  3. Wow. I can't help thinking of Ghost Adventures every time I hear the term "Soiled Dove" or hear something about The Birdcage Theatre. That was a memorable episode! It's always interesting to look at these old photos. I would never have guessed the story of those two people from looking at their pictures.


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