Lake Pleasant Regional Park

Cruising down the Carefree Highway while listening to Gordon Lightfoot’s song with the same name, it seems peaceful.  This highway is one of the roadways you must travel in order to get to Lake Pleasant Regional Park.  The lake is just north of Phoenix and where many like to head out for relaxation, fun, and escape from the heat.  It was in 1927 when the Waddell Dam was completed, and water from the Agua Fria River formed Lake Pleasant.

Lake Pleasant Regional Park envelops over 23,000 acres with mountains, desert landscape, and water.  Many love the lake for boating, water skiing, jet skiing, scuba diving, sailing and windsurfing.  There aren’t many places to swim, but lots of places to fish.  Along with the many water activities, the park offers other amenities.   There are several places for mountain biking, camping, hiking, and picnics.

Like many places, Lake Pleasant has its share of tragedies.  Maybe with the overwhelming amount of deaths from sudden rising waters, unfortunate cliff diving, or carbon monoxide from boats motors might be why bodies have been discovered and paranormal activity has been witnessed at the lake.  Some say it is the ghosts of those who drowned there or Native Americans who once lived on that land who haunt the area.  Whatever the reason for your visit, you will enjoy what the park has to offer.


  1. Gorgeous pics! The lake should fill up and lose some of those islands with El Nino - fingers crossed.


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