Vulture Mine: Three Years of Changes

Since Vulture Mine was sold in 2011, the new owners have not allow tours.  It has been closed for renovation until now.  As of October 2015, they are letting people in for self-guided tours.  I am very excited to go back and take updated photos of the place.  Sharon and I went by Vulture Mine in 2012 and then just recently in 2015.  At the time or our visits, we could only take pictures from the highway using our zoom.  I did notice some changes in the buildings from our 2012 visit.

2012 - Mine Entrance
2105 - Mine Entrance (not much difference)

2012 - Assay and Bordello buildings
2015 - Assay building (looks like part of it has collapsed and Bordello building looked the same from the road)

2012 - Owner's house and another building
2015 - Looks like both buildings have shown lots of wear-and-tear with time.

2012 - Mill and Machine buildings
2015 - The mill has deteriorated with time and the machine building appears to have vanished.

2012 - Gate House and house
2015 - Gate House looks like it is slowly falling down and the house next to it has also seen more devastation with time.


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