El Tovar Hotel

Situated on the edge of the Grand Canyon, El Tovar started taking guests in 1905.  The unique design is part Swiss chalet and part Norwegian Villa.  It was designed by Charles Whittlesey to entice the more influential guests.  This historic hotel was part of a chain of hotels and restaurants which were owned by the Fred Harvey Company.  The materials used to build the structure were limestone and Oregon pine.  In 1987, El Tovar was selected as a National Historic Landmark.  The hotel has accommodated many well-known people along with an immeasurable amount of others.

Today, El Tovar stands as a stylish and chic place.  It is consider one of the most lavish locales of all the historic national park lodges.  Inside the hotel are countless classy rooms, a dining room, swanky lobby, gift shops and newsstand.  “El Tovar is a world-class travel destination”.


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