Abandoned City

After we roam around the state looking for abandoned places in the desert, we will be in search of abandoned places in various cities.  Look for future posts of our antics in Phoenix, Tucson, Prescott, and Flagstaff.  It should be fun.....


  1. Very pretty building. I love the architecture

  2. Jessica, there are plenty of beautiful architural buildings in all the cities we plan to visit. This one was in downtown Phoenix. I don't know how long it was abandoned but sadly there are many more like it in the city.

    MM, we hope to get a hold of some of the owners to see if they will let us inside. If not, we will have to take pictures and readings from the outside which will be a bummer.

  3. Sis;
    I'm planning on putting on the charm to get into some of the downtown buildings! I'll do my southern gal best to get inside.

  4. Oh man, I've written 3 different I Hate AZ posts this months all over the internet! This is a riot.

    AZ really does hate me so I'm returning the favor. I'm going to hang out with you to see if you can convince me it's worth revisiting a 3rd time. Could be the charm.

  5. Sharon, if anyone can get us into those abandoned buildings, it would be you my little sista.

    Cheryl, I can understand why some want to hate AZ, but there is so much more to the state than what is being portrayed on TV. Stick with me and I will take you to the less known and more interesting places in AZ.

  6. Can't wait til they finish renovating that old building! It is a treasure!

  7. Debe, glad to hear that they are renovating the building. I wonder if it is stirring up any ghosties.....humm!

  8. I use to brake into there all the time when i was in jobcorps :3 :3


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