The Beast, Box and Warehouse

Right after catching a quick lunch in Casa Grande, we headed back towards the place where the abandoned shop was located.  Another large building caught our eyes and it looked deserted.  Yahoo, another place to sneak into.  Even though we didn't see any "No Trespassing" signs, we knew that the locals wouldn't want us in there, but we didn't care.  We walked towards the large warehouse building which had other structures around it, and noticed all the windows broken and graffiti on the walls.  On the inside near the entrance is a line of what looked like it used to be electrical boxes.  We didn't know who the "Beast" was, but he put his name on almost every wall.  It definitely looked like a recent Halloween party was there because of the costumes and party favors we found.  There were a couple of cages and a jack-in-the-box looking object in the middle of the place.  We could only imagine what kind of wild party the attendees had, eeehaw!  This huge warehouse became our last abandoned site Sharon got a reading at but wasn't the end of the places we visited on our trip...


  1. I'm preparing the story from the reading I did there. It was intriguing. In the middle of that insane party setup, I got some great reads on one person associated with that place. Interesting stuff. That building was a real mystery.

  2. Lots of people probably have been in and out of that building so I was wondering what you would pick up there. I can't wait to read the story.

  3. The random party hat makes me giggle! Great photos! I'd have loved to have been on that trip! The littlest of the sisters is now trying to figure out how she can get out there to go on adventures with her big sisters! LOL

  4. Tara, just let us know when and we will plan the trips. There is lots to see in AZ.

  5. its a cotton gin, all of the inner mechanics are gone, but the huge breaker and fuse boxes are still there, the truck bay in pic 5, all the round holes cut in the outer tin is probably where the duct work would have been, the beams for chain falls are in the last pic, but cotton, in AZ...???


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