Mother Nature's Fury on the Domes

Since we had a guest traveler with us, Vinnie, Sharon thought he might want to see the Domes in person.  Even though they say there are "No Trespassing" signs posted, we did not see them.  We were just there to take pictures and admire the uniqueness of the structures. Unlike the vagrants and party peeps, we were not out to destroy the place.  Besides, Mother Nature has done a good job of it all by herself.

It had only been a month since Sharon and I visited the Domes, but within that time the cruel and harsh weather that went through our state played havoc on the Dome's structures.  The walls and ceilings of each building had more holes especially the last building.  There were huge chunks of the ceiling lying on the floor where there was none before.  The walls that had various cracks where the sunshine poured in, and there were now holes that we could walk right through.  We don't think that last structure is going to last much longer especially after another one of Mother Nature's wild storms passes through.


  1. Those buildings are so weird. It's not just the light filtering in and the exposure to the desert and the graffiti, but the sound carries so acutely that it hurts to even hear heavy breathing in there. The richochet effect is amazing. I wonder what a live band would sound like in there? It'd make a wicked video.

  2. Those buildings are so strange! Mother Nature sure has taken a serious toll on them over the past month. I hope they are still standing when I finally make it out there! It's like they are slowly shedding their layers until they implode!

  3. Sharon, it would sound so cool if a heavy metal band rocked their asses off in the Domes. With the echoing, the sound would be so wicked. The only problem I would be worried about is the vibrations literally bringing down the place.

    Tara, we would definitely take you there amongst the many other places you would enjoy seeing.

  4. Great location for a scifi movie

  5. Hey, Lovely pictures yet again! I gave you an award today. You can pick it up at my blog.

  6. Barry, it is a fabulous place to make a horror flick. There is nothing but desert surrounding the site and each structure has an eerie feel to them.

    Jessica, thank you so much. I will head over to your blog and check it out.


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